ROCK - a solid foundation, a supportive friend.  Strong in mind and in heart.  Lorraine is a creator of elegant authentic experiences for time consumed professionals.  Creating stunningly romantic wedding experiences in London and the Home Counties. 

Whether you both want an opulent wedding experience in lavish surroundings or an intimate gathering with those closest to you, the tiniest detail to the biggest challenge, each element in telling your story will have the exact same considerations and execution. 

Being authentic is being true to you.  I will dig deep to find out what really makes you, you.  What you love, where you are from, what's important to you, how you envisage your journey and day to be, your dislikes, your knowledge and interests.   No two weddings are ever the same.  Being authentic is real and no-one can take that away from you.  My overwhelming passion for weddings and story telling shines through to beyond the day itself.  I don't create just a day but a luxury experience from the beginning through to the end that you, family and friends will forever remember.  

With a strong team of talented creatives and trusted relationships with select wedding vendors, the highest level of design and production is created behind the scenes.   All clients discretion is of the utmost importance in planning your wedding celebration as is the flexibility to meet your individual needs.

As a wedding professional I have the ability to create a story for each element of your wedding.  The linen, the cutlery, the glassware, the venue surroundings, your first wedding breakfast, pre wedding day gatherings and post wedding celebrations.  A wedding that isn't rushed but an experience that is appreciated by everyone.  Personal touches, accessories, the whole scene shared with everyone important to you, allowing you both to enjoy the most magical day.  

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