When speaking over the phone or by email it's sometimes difficult to imagine what the other person looks and sounds like.  Hopefully my words here give an honest and open story of who I am and why I believe I can help you in your own story telling. 

I'm 42 and live in Bedfordshire, at the foot of Dunstable Downs.  I'm so very lucky to have them on my doorstep.  I have two dogs, one of which is very old who we rescued 16 years ago and another 2 year old who my two children and husband think I love more than I do them.  I love them all the same, and that is a huge amount !  We often walk around the downs to grab some headspace which is great when you need to just switch off and have some fun.

I'm originally from East London and moved to Bedfordshire where my husband is from.  We have been together for 22 years and been married for 13 years.  My husband works in the football industry so our working careers are very different to eachother.  However, as a family we have so much in common.  We are all sports minded, creative, competitive, hard working, funny, positive and appreciative of what we have.  We all enjoy eachothers company and spend the weekends together going out for family nights whether that be at the cinema or in a great restaurant.  

Prior to working in the wedding industry, I worked within the PR and Advertising industry.  Working for prestigious clients, I created and executed large scale events, product launches, private dinners, and summer and winter themed events, both in the UK and Europe. 


I also own another business within the wedding industry.  I created my floristry business, Wild Orchid back in 2003.  You can also read all about Wild Orchid HERE and how I can help with your floral styling on the day.  Before I set up Wild Orchid I worked within Advertising and PR creating events both in the UK and Europe.   My 10 year experience has never been forgotten and I now want to use my event planning skills within my role as your dedicated and supportive Wedding Planner.   

I enjoy living well and work out regularly often creating myself challenges and targets and I use my positivity and dedicated attitude within my work ethics also.  I enjoy a lovely glass of wine and catching up with friends over good food.  Laughing is the best medicine and you cant beat sitting in the garden on a glorious summers day just chatting, eating, listening to music and reminising.  Making new memories with close friends and family.

To give you more confidence, I have also trained with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners to bring my skills up to date to ensure I can offer you the best of me and my experience.  Ive worked in the wedding industry for over 20 years and I really do believe that with my experience, honest approach and authentic personality we can work together to execute a truly wonderful and memorable journey from the beginning to the end.. 

I'm 42 but still think I'm in my 30's

I believe in wellbeing and positivity and exercise regularly.  I'm always challenging myself​

I still love listening to all the old classic dance tunes especially with the music really loud as they sound so much better

I enjoy good food and good wine

My holidays are so important to me.  A chance to wind down and re-energise to to spend quality time with my family

My husband works in Football, my son plays football and my daughter is a GB Tumbling athlete

I live at the foot of Dunstable Downs and love clearing my head and refocussing with a run or a dog walk

I love being at home, it's where I feel the safest

I crave investment pieces and reward myself when I feel I've earned it !

I love perfume and am easily drawn in to the packaging rather than the scent.  

Being surrounded by positive, kind and inspiring people is so uplifting

I always think positive, am a solution maker and never a wallflower

And I love Shoes and Trainers !