Your wedding should be a true version of you.  I believe each story should be told with sincerity and honesty and executed with kindness and a calm approach

I have always been someone who wants to be the best that I can be in my career.  I have such a creative mind that I'm continuously thinking of new ideas and want to inspire those I meet through my work and also my friends and family, especially my children.  My work ethic has always been to be committed, respectful and to never feel like I can't do something.  I also instill this in to my two great kids that I'm lucky to have in my life.  My husband too is also a great support and knows me so well.  We have the same values, stay positive and always dream of new adventures.

I'm extremely passionate about weddings and am sure my clients can tell when I meet them to discuss their upcoming wedding.  I've worked in some amazing venues throughout the UK and have seen, and been part of clients wedding day dreams.  I'm able to offer my expertise and knowledge that I have built up over the past 15 years and want to create the magic ! 

I'm a lover of romance, little pieces of luxury and intricate details that make a big difference.  Creating classic, authentic, stylish and memorable weddings, taking away all anxieties you may have, is definitely what I can do.  I'll know my clients through and through and will be able to execute weddings that tell your story with complete authenticity, professionalism and passion.

When I'm not planning weddings, my husband says I'm easily pleased !  I enjoy lazing on the sofa with the odd cuddle from my children.  I love having my sidekick Frankie with me at my side - she's my mini schnauzer whom I adore.  I love the sun and if we are blessed in the UK you'll find me with my laptop in the garden but I do love my family holidays too !  I love getting dressed up for special occasions and am extremely committed to wellness.  I love my time in the gym and the heavier the weight the better I feel challenged !  Good food with great chat with family and friends over a lovely glass of wine, or two, and I'm not afraid of the dance floor !